Artist Statement:

“I reside in Annapolis with my husband Bruce and children Sean, Eric & Alexa and “senior puppy” Gohan. I enjoy bringing my through-the-lens perspectives to life via digital photography. I hope they foster conversation and provoke an emotional or visceral reaction in the viewer.”

First Memories:

Hawaiian sunset off Diamond Head Point . Angkor Wat . Rickshaw “taxi” . Tribal African warrior with spear


My life was always filled with unusual visual stimulation; I recall back to my first Brownie Camera as I tried to capture moments to share with far away pen pals living a more traditional life in the “States”. In a real sense these images made up my travel journal as I grew up in Saipan, Cambodia, Liberia, Central African Republic and France. Later, as an adult, I continued to document my inspirations as I traveled with my husband to some of this planet’s most alluring, intriguing and remote locations: Tibet, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Egypt, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Seychelles, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Portugal, Galapagos, Caribbean, Tahitian and Hawaiian Islands. While many of those photographs await digital conversion, in the interim, I include photos of beauty, irony, power and contrast found in everyday outings and weather happenings on my website I hope you enjoy them as well as my travel blog “” launched on July 31st in honor of a blue moon, which appropriately, is my birthdate.

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Exhibition Summary:

MFA Circle Gallery and Holley Gallery

The Art Gallery at University of Maryland College Park

Hospice Gallery 90

Maryland State House Office (Lowe)

Annapolis Maritime Museum

Marion Warren Gallery

Anne Arundel County Quiet Waters Park Gallery

Pauls’ Homewood Cafe

Piccola Roma